I must admit that, reading the name of the group, I was expecting a slightly different music, but what I’ve heard surpassed my expectations. This is similar to an acoustic journey «the planet Radiohead» I liked very much.

— Valdas Lopeta, “Gintariniai akiniai”,, “Ghost Note”

Here we catch (Tallin Music Week 2017) the wonderfully named Shaman Jungle, which is a fair description of their sound. Imagine a band playing a straight mix of Collapsing-era Amon Duul and Hapshash & The Colored Coat (resoundingly obvious chord changes and all), albeit looking like they wandered to us from the 17th century.

— British magazine “Louderthanwar”

Minsk Shamans’ music can be perceived with the same success as Ethiopian and Mongolian or Evenki. Shaman Jungle band’s difference from the others is that they have conceptually moved beyond their historical and cultural fields and unconsciously create music based on their own historical memory. And it is absolutely unclear where they will go in their experiments.
With all the perfection of this music there’s a feeling that Shaman Jungle have a space to move yet, as the whole world is in front of them.

— Budkin Serg, Belsat Music Live

Oceanic and severely cold and salty. Dive into the inner mental space. Music has become so clear that requires almost no verbal accompaniment.

— Siamashka Victor, Music magazine Krakatuk

Musical wizards Shaman Jungle – is an original magical rite, followed by a sonic journey through inner steppes and, as a consequence, enlightenment.
Do not expect a simple and linear. The atmosphere, the sound and overtones game, harmonious and fascinating voices.


You will enjoy Shaman Jungle, even if you’re a person far from this musical style. Natural appeal of music, without preservatives or additives.

— Mary Savitskaya, Capital Radio

Cleverly staged global ethno. A package of comfortable acoustic psychedelia, similar to an alternative soundtrack to the “Lord of the Rings”. It was great to walk through these acoustic landscapes, the same as to cross the river – with the same feeling of freshness

— Zhbankov Maks, pARTisan Magazine

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