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In the last few years, Indonesia has been hit by a CORONA virus pandemic, and from one or two people affected it spreads quickly to all corners of Indonesia.

CORONA evolved from alpha, beta, delta now re-evolved into omicron. But whether the Indonesian people already know the symptoms or have been exposed to the omicron virus, in my article, I want to share information about the difference in symptoms between the CORONA omicron variant and the flu,
Here are some of the differences in the symptoms of the Omicron variant CORONA with the flu:
Common symptoms suffered by patients with the Omicron variant of the CORONA virus are:

1. stuffy nose
2. cough
3. sore throat
4. Anosmia is rare
5. itchy throat
6. Rarely shortness of breath

Symptoms of OMICRON can also be followed by nasal congestion, headache, fever
Even people with CORONA type omicron also easily feel tired.
Usually a cough is a sign of the Omicron variant, because cough symptoms, especially dry coughs, are also felt by patients with CORONA patients.

Uniquely, patients with the Omicron variant CORONA rarely experience anosmia or loss of sense of smell unlike the previous CORONA variant, but patients with the omicron variant with severe symptoms and comorbidities have a greater chance of shortness of breath.

A comorbid is a person who has a weak immune system, so it’s not just a cold cough. But there is a greater chance of shortness of breath, if the immune system is good, the symptoms are mild, just like the common cold.
Meanwhile, the symptoms of the common cold are slightly different from the symptoms of people with the omicon variant
Symptoms of the common cold are:
-muscle ache
-feeling unwell
-have a cold
Symptoms of cough in the common cold are rare, the flu is usually a runny nose or nasal secretions.

For those of you who are symptomatic, don’t need to worry too much, the first treatment for symptomatic Omicron variant with mild symptoms is enough to do isoman at home and drink and eat vitamins, medicine, eat nutritious food and often bask in the sun.

On the other hand, if the patient has severe symptoms, it should be immediately taken to a special hospital for handling CORONA so that it is handled by medical personnel and not doing isomanism at home because it can be dangerous for sufferers of the Omicron variant.
To prevent spikes and the health of you and your family, it would be nice to reduce activities outside the home and stay away from crowds and always wear a mask and wash your hands.

Although the severity is low, the omicron variant has a fast transmission rate, and is dangerous for people who have not been vaccinated and comorbid patients.

If you feel your body is not feeling well and have a fever, it would be better if you don’t leave the house and do a pcr test. Remember to always exercise and eat high-quality foods so that your immune system is always awake. If you want to go out, always wear a mask and always wash your hands. .Best wishes

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