One Will

We dedicate this album to human fortitude. To struggling with elemental forces and inner self. The moment of choice, a person either loses heart, or fills it with power.
This music can be a soundtrack to your wildest fantasies and strongest feelings.
The complete album, the same as the previous one, is recorded in a continuous performance. This have helped us not to lose the atmosphere of our live shows. Here we are as honest and sincere as we are on stage.
Yes, that’s how we feel it.


Music has to breathe, has to be alive.
Music should breeze freedom.
In the «Amazing» album, we’ve kept the raw natural sounding of the instruments to enable the music to be as original as possible.


To have a look deeper and to see an eternity particle inside of yourself. To understand and to unite everything created. To observe the variety of subordinated chaos ways. To take what is close. To seek to the strong.
Being humble, we open the inner self and feel the light in others.
Only a moment we are close, and at this moment Love is born.

Sky Bathyscaph

In the «Sky Bathyscaph» album each musician have breathed in a part of his inner self into the musical canvas, creating a unique world in 12 stories. This music immerses a listener into the world full of intangible beauty, powerful energy. From our point of view this album sounds airy. It gives you the feeling of diving into the sky.
To stay in the present. To feel. To fly. «Sky Bathyscaph» helps you to do this.

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