über uns

Good day! We are «Shaman Jungle”, a band from Belarus. Very would be happy to play music at your festival and make it more colourful with our performance. We play ethno-fusion and world music.
Till now we have released two studio albums «Sky Bathyscaph» und «Deeper«, and by mid-March will release the third one. Our group has performed at such festivals as the Trimurti, Gaia , Space Camp , Povidlo, and numerous local festivals.
Acoustically we use a wide range of music instruments such as cello, djembe frame drum, Xiao, bonsuri, duduk, pimak, didgeridoo, and a 12- string guitar, and our vocalist uses a variety of vocal techniques.
This is what Belarusian music critic Sergei Budkin says about us: «Their peculiarity is that they go beyond the limits of concepts and base their music on their own historical memory. »

«Sky Bathyscaph»