The musical act Shaman Jungle appeared in 2012. During 4 years of existence the act managed not only to perform on various large platforms and festivals of Belarus and neighboring countries, but also to become the organizer of an ethno -festival POVIDLO, which successfully took place three times in Raubichi (Minsk region, Belarus).

In essence the music of Shaman Jungle is

— freedom of spirit, imagination and rhythm without any barriers to experiments,

—  something that makes one feel the energy flowing out of the heart,

—  immersion and flight at once, it’s like a mean for transferring energy, love and harmonizing the world of the listener,

— improvisation, experiment with instruments of different nations of the world accompanied by fascinating rhythmic patterns and powerful energy.

It is difficult to define the certain style of such music, it envelopes emotional pictures connecting inner worlds of the musicians, the real and the surrealistic ones. The musicians define their own style as ethno- trance, where «trance» is understood as immersion, a state of mind. Most likely styles: World, Shamanic, Ambient, Jazz, Jungle, Ethno-Trance.

On their performances musicians always improvise, experiment with various ethnic instruments in symbiosis with electronic, often with features of a show: oriental dances, fire and neon show, plastic theaters.

November, 25th 2012: the presentation of a debut album «Sky Bathyscaph»

Actual members:

— Yura (Mongol) Donskov — ethnic drums, percussion, background vocals

— Olga Petrussenko — vocal, keyboards

— Fedor Stashkevich — didgeridoo

— Olga Semionova — violoncello

— Petr Marchenko — guitar

— Gleb Yakushev — flute, duduk, bansuri

— Eldar – concert audio engineering


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