Yury Donskov (Drums, vocals)

The leader of Shaman Jungle, a percussionist, vocalist, responsible for energy and all organisational matters.

“It’s important for me to realize all the ideas of each musician. My music is energy-intensive meditation. It’s for me and you. This is my way of conveying Love. And I’m it’s guide. Only God has power, all that is given – is given by him. If you draw only from within yourself then your strength will quickly run out and there will be nothing to give to the world, and if you take it with the desire to give it all to people – it will be an inexhaustible powerful stream. And the cleaner the channel – the stronger the river.”

Hleb Yakushau (Winds)

His main instruments are flute, duduk, xiao, bansuri, pimak. Light and unbiased, Hleb adds light paints to our palette.

«Meeting with Shaman Jungle made me open flute from a completely different perspective. That is, from the side of improvisation, when I started making music not by notes, but by intuition. The flute sounded completely different; a different sound came out. At the same time I had an interest in oriental culture: religion, architecture, music, styles and so on. I use 5 flutes actively, but in general at the moment I have about 12 instruments and this is not the limit. In addition to music I am engaged in Taoist practices. I think it helps me with breathing, with improvisation, with understanding the philosophy of music.»

Viola Semenova (Cello)

Our main composer and inspirer. Her melodies are always strong, they penetrate deeply and stay in soul. She is very modest and gentle.

“I loved music all my life since childhood. It all started with the Beatles and classic rock’n’roll. My musical education lasted for 17 years and in the end I’ve graduated from a conservatory. In Shaman Jungle I’ve liked the fact that I can freely compose, improvise and bring something of my own to music, invest a bit of my soul, in contrast to academic music, where I always played only notes. My compositions are mostly lyrical and flowing, and melodies are tender. The rest of the guys feel music differently, but I think that’s why we complement each other greatly.»

Hvedar Stashkevich (Didgeridoo, harp, plates)

«I’ve been playing didgeridoo for 10 years, 8 of them in Shaman Jungle. I make my instruments myself. I don’t have a musical education, but I have an artistic one. I’m an artist and designer. The guys call me “the guardian of traditions” and “the soul of the band”, although in reality I relate to music more as a professional listener than a professional musician.»

Piatro Marchanka (Stringed instruments)

Shaman Jungle “fire support”, lives and breathes music. Sincere play and commitment. We are bolder and stronger with him.
«In Shaman Jungle I use of 5 or 6 instruments: 12 string guitar, 6 string guitar, electronic oud, saz, fretless bass, randol (this is a kind of an Arabic violin made from a pan and a vacuum cleaner pipe, my own development). I really like it when the bass drum presses me down to the floor on stage. My business is to add a twinkle to the music. I play about 10 years, 7 years on stage. I’m wildly fond of Arabic music, Balkan music, Turkish music … all these quarter-tone, fretless things, I really love and use … When I did electronic oud, I have found, probably, the only Syrian playing in Belarus who explained me what I did wrong, but actually it haven’t help me. I continue to do everything my own way …?»

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